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National Philanthropy Day Speakers

Workshop Presenter and Awards Luncheon Keynote Speaker

9:00 am Workshop: Dial Down The Drama – Dial Up Your Success!

We spend precious energy and time engaged in emotions that don’t serve us. In fact, they can drain us. How many times have we wasted minutes, hours, even DAYS lamenting about what might happen if... that major gift doesn’t comes in? We miss our goal – fundraising, exercise reps, whatever? They don’t want to meet with us? We have a change in leadership? Our kid acts out? WHAT IF OUR CELLPHONE DIES? OMG!

In this session, Marcy will discuss how our thinking can get in the way of both our fundraising success and life overall and provide clear tools to rethink our way to more dollars and better relationships.

11:30am Luncheon Keynote: The Power and Joy of Generosity

Every day we have a choice. Everything that happens to us we decide how we react. This room is filled with those who fill each day reacting with the power and joy of giving.