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Career Development News

Sep. 25 -
(Sept. 25, 2012) When the lights went down inside a grand hall in Washington D.C. last winter, Cynthia Benoit-Sarrazin had shivers watching the young, Salvadoran theatre group Es Artes perform before an audience of several hundred cultural dignitaries. ... more >
Jan. 11 -
A recent poll of U.S. workers found that the one thing we most want from our employers is job security. While that’s completely understandable in today’s crazy world of work, I’m afraid we’re more likely to get a visit from our fairy godmother. ... more >
Jan. 11 -
Billions of words have been written about job search tools and tactics in this job market of our discontent. Job board dos and don’ts. Twitter. Facebook. Building a personal brand. Improving your “findability.” It’s all good advice, but none of it will work if your career is sick. ... more >
Jan. 11 -
The positive growth turned in by the American economy in the third quarter of this year suggests that maybe, just maybe this Great Recession is now in our rear view mirror. As it fades away, of course, the tales will begin about what we did during this terrible time. While recounting those legends is surely important, so too is sharing the insights we’ve acquired from our experience. ... more >
Jun. 8 -
Interested in putting your skills and experience to work for the largest community of professional fundraisers in the world? AFP has the following positions available at its International Headquarters in Arlington, Va. ... more >
Sep. 24 -
Give your open position even more exposure by highlighting it in the eWire Spotlight on Career Opportunities. ... more >
Apr. 15 -
Welcome, job seekers! Find information here about the AFP Jobs Service. But if you're already registered, you can go directly to Search for Jobs. ... more >